Kenji Ross

est. 1980; internets since 1998

early 2010

my role
Creative, Photography, Development, Copy
spare time

I got married in July of 2010. Rather than hiring a wedding planner and going the easy way, my wife and I treated the wedding as an exciting creative opportunity. Naturally, it was more work than expected, but all the effort added up to something that felt intensely personal and fun.

The fun started with a series of teaser photos. Using my trusty Holga medium-format camera, we shot a couple rolls around Boston, equipped with a blackboard that featured our site URL. These simple photos went out to our guests and acted as our "save the date" cards, and led everyone to our site.

I enlisted the help of a designer friend and built a site that utilized soft colors and physical textures (lace, burlap) alongside beautiful typography and a Happy Cog-esque combination opening sentence/navigation. The site evolved alongside the planning, of which we blogged each step. I built a simple PHP-powered RSVP mechanism to capture our guest list, and when the wedding was over, launched a "Thank You!" site that featured downloadable playlists of wedding music and photos.

And there were plenty of mini-projects that tied everything together. We hired a friend's big band to perform, so we custom-printed tickets for our guests, complete with seating assignments for the night. In order to fit our guests into the room, I built nine different seating chart variations in Google Sketchup. We brought my friend and bandmate Alex Chen in to design a beautiful rock poster. I made my print design debut, creating programs with elements from the website identity. For months, I shot photos of every number between 1-15 I could find, using the prints as table markings for the event. I even rehearsed with the big band and sat in for a chart with my brother and sister.