Kenji Ross

est. 1980; internets since 1998

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

2009 – 2010

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
my role
Creative, Senior Design Technologist
The Barbarian Group

The Rock Hall site was a massive undertaking, taking over a year from start to finish, and I'm still quite proud of it. Having previously acted as Creative Lead and sole developer of their 25th Anniversary Celebration minisite, we were asked to return and undertake a much larger project: organizing their vast content, exposing their charitable efforts, showing off their unique content, and building a site flexible enough to handle competing internal interests, new inductees, e-commerce, blogs, and visitor-centric info. Rock music and its history is one of my passions, and this site was a chance to help spread that love.

I started high-level work on the site in mid-2009, helping with peer analysis, creative strategy, and long-term planning. My official title on this project's statement of work was "Jack of All Trades". We conceived (and later implemented) ideas for many of the creative content on the site - magazine-length feature articles, timelines, the Spotlight Artifact feature, and more. Later, once the creative direction and design had been established, I worked in concert with our dev team to build a complex, rich experience — a nice HTML5 front-end over a full-featured Django backend, 45 page templates in all. This was one of The Barbarian Group's first (maybe the first?) HTML5 sites.

The site is still live, much as we built it, with the exception of new content.