Kenji Ross

est. 1980; internets since 1998

Quanttus: Q Heart


job title
Web Experience Lead
Mobile design, User experience, Product strategy,
Web development, Marketing

I joined the design team at Quanttus in mid-2014. The company’s mission was inspiring and genuine: reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease by tackling hypertension (high blood pressure), an issue affecting over a billion people worldwide. We’d do it by creating a product of beauty and simplicity: a wrist-worn, cuff-less blood pressure monitor, and a complimentary software platform to monitor, inspire, and nudge customers towards healthier life habits.

I was brought in as Web Experience Lead, intending to lead our web app development. But there were more immediate needs with the iOS app, where I spent the majority of my time. Overall, my work at Quanttus ended up falling into three broad categories: product strategy, the product experience, and marketing. I’ll concentrate on the first two.

Product Experience

  • experience design - The app went through a lot of changes during my tenure at Quanttus. I worked closely with the hardware and algorithms teams to determine product specs, built wireframes, and contributed new ideas.
  • copywriting - I wrote and rewrote many of the words used in the app, focusing on making the language concise, simple, and clinically accurate.
  • web product design - I led the design process for the web product, playing to the strengths of the medium and avoiding duplication of work we did for the mobile product.
  • miscellany - photography, agile process stuff (writing tickets, handling bugs, feature prioritization), light internal software development

Product Strategy

  • user interviews - We conducted user interviews at several points in the design process - building customer personas, asking physicians about clinical relevance, and testing the effectiveness of our UI designs. I helped write scripts, conduct the interviews, process the results, and present the results to the company.
  • value proposition testing - I worked on the team that conducted tests to determine the appeal of our product offering and the messaging around it. We used A/B testing software to show fake-but-comparable products to a random sample of customers, then collected and analyzed that information to make business decisions on the product direction.

At the end of my time at Quanttus, we launched an alpha testing program, which led to the full release of the app in the iOS App Store.