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S.E.R.V.E. Lore

Our Origins | Universal Truths

Our Origins

The organization known as S.E.R.V.E. was founded in the Fall of 1997 by two likeminded academics who had tired of the unenlightened claptrap they had been bombarded with by television and the cinema for most of their adult lives. For them, the idea of having the wrong kind of entertainment foisted their sensitive intellects was a violation of their civil rights. Enough was enough.

In almost perfect unison, the two decided that there had to be a way to honor the more relevant pastime of the day -- video oriented puzzle based entertainment. And like Athena from Zeus' head, S.E.R.V.E. was created. Today the Society has a growing number of members and has branches in multiple states. S.E.R.V.E. aims to raise awareness of the finer pursuits in life and show humanity that having a splendid acumen can only be a good thing.

Universal Truths

The world is full of mysteries. We may find them everywhere. These mysteries may also find us if we are lucky. But without the proper puzzle abilities, these mysteries are as interesting to us as a jejune bucket of rocks. It should go without saying that without the proper puzzle abilities we ultimately fail in life. Without the proper puzzle abilities we would slowly become unthinkers.

Yes, mysteries surround us. Many are no longer mysteries thanks to S.E.R.V.E. But just like Kryptos, some of these great riddles of life remain shrouded in the darkness.

We are aware of their existence, but we know not why they are.

A conveyor belt sits in a wooded area. It has remained undisturbed for years. Experts purport that this mechanical mystery's sole purpose seems to be the delivery of an endless supply of colorful slabs to a waiting loading bin.
There is a man. This man drills through the earth. Somewhere. He risks loss of life by suffocation and being flattened by dense objects falling from above. He is quite aware of the risks involved with his actions, and yet the man keeps drilling.
A manner of wall is known to exist that can be commanded by man. It may be told to move left, right, up or down. It can be commanded to expand. The wall will ultimately ensnare its enemies - and perhaps its owner.
In some parts of the globe, a variety of worm exists that is driven to burst any bubbles floating above him. It is not clear why these worms burst bubbles. Fortune? Accolades? Is it their birthright? These enigmatic worms have also been known to compete with sheep and birds for the same unclear goals.
There is a room where jewels inexplicably fall from the ceiling. But this is not a celebration of found riches. It is a dark mystery. These jewels land on the floor in precise columns. Some of these jeweled columns will vanish. But many more will remain.

As more mysteries present themselves to us, we will inscribe them on this page for all to view. Were you to shed some light on these conundrums, we would consider elevating your puzzle quotient by 10%.