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Inner Circle

The final realm. Consider for a moment the greatness before you. Now proceed. Below you will find the solemn names and sensational deeds of the most heralded SERVE members. If you are reading this page, you must accept the fact that you will never be enshrined up here. It is only for the great.

Keeper of the Games

Puzzle Quotient: 60 - Puzzle Lord
Location: Gameland City
Philosophy: Be not great, but be wise.
Suggested Readings: Solve the Problem: Primiums Enigma, Dragon Wizard War Vol II, A Total Guide to Logic
Mentor: Darius The Amazing
Preferred Distraction: Klax

The Lateral Mind

Puzzle Quotient: 54 - Puzzle Hero
Location: South Klaxton
Philosophy: Make your choice before it is time to choose.
Suggested Readings: Journey into the Mind: The Problems with Rationalization, The History of Classical Spanish Guitar
Mentor: Professor TJ Baywad
Preferred Distraction: Arkanoid Returns

Wizard of Space and Thought

Puzzle Quotient: 51 - Puzzle Duke
Location: San Intellivisco
Philosophy: Only when you have covered all ground will you truly succeed.
Suggested Readings: One Brain at a Time, The World's Best Aramaic Riddles, The Chronology of the Wind
Mentor: Kelroy Helman
Preferred Distraction: Qix

Enigma Master

Puzzle Quotient: 51 - Puzzle Duke
Location: Taito Heights
Philosophy: Rotate every question until it fits into an answer.
Suggested Readings: Addressing the Galaxy: Questions Without Words, Make Peace With Your Mind the Dennis D. Malouf Way
Mentor: Dr. Wayland DeWalt
Preferred Distraction: Rampart