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Société D'Enigmatique et Rationalistique Video Entertainment

Perchance, like us, you are a fan of things obtuse. We at the Société D'Enigmatique et Rationalistique Video Entertainment pursue only the most challenging and mentally stimulating pastimes. We are a culture conscious group of mind explorers who refuse to accept the linear realities and hegemonic interfaces forced on us by prole software engineers hoping to curry favor with troglodyte salary men.

We are a group firmly rooted in the belief that one must make one's own choices for one's palate d'entertainment. We aim to provide intellectual discourse on the variety of the conundrums and modern mystifications we face in our complex and hyper-aware realities. The exchange of ideas and stratagem we share provides us with endless self satisfaction and feeds our never-yielding, sphynxian dedication to the power of Riddle.

Do you hunger for more? Dare you step into the light and illuminate your mind to rarified thinking and unholy paradigms the likes of which you have never even considered?

Do come in, fellow traveler

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