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Third Dimensia FAQ
Tips and Advice
Third Dimensia Sponsors
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Are you or is someone you know suffering from ADAD? Our online resources section can help! Learn all about the Institute, find a sponsor or just educate yourself on ADAD. It only takes a minute.

Are you living with Third Dimensia?

Are you unknowingly living in the prison of Third Dimensia? Take this accurate test to find out:

Are you satisfied only moving left and right?

Do you settle for just jumping over objects and projectiles?

When asked to move "up stage" or "down stage", can you?

Is it difficult to climb stairs?

Do you have trouble avoiding dangerous animals?

Do you confuse far away orbs with nearby ones?

When avoiding lasers, do you actually move closer to them?

Do you weep openly because you only have two dimensions?


Third Dimensia FAQ

I've been having trouble with stairs, doors and trees. Should I see a doctor? What do patients eat during treatment at the Institute? Are there different treatments for male and female patients?


Tips and Advice

3rd Dimensia patients often ask if there is a “quick fix” for their disorder.
Of course the answer is no. But we do have some helpful tips and advice that can make dealing with ADAD a little easier.


Third Dimensia Sponsors

Every successful IADAT patient is also a potential 3rd Dimensia sponsor. You will be their teacher, advisor, tutor, brother, sister, and leader when it comes to finally walking down that big hallway.