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  Case Studies
We've had so many wonderful multi-dimensional success stories we thought you might like to read some of them. Take a moment to read about our most fascinating patients who learned their true depth within these halls.

Rick W.

Name: Rick W.
Age: 45
Location: Channelwood
Occupation: Armament Construction
Patient Statement: "For the longest time I kept my problem to myself. I was ashamed and couldn't ask for help. Then one day I almost dropped a turbo laser on my foreman. I was lucky. But it was a wake up call. I had ADAD and I needed help."

Rick W's case is not unusual. Like many who realize they are suffering from ADAD, he was ashamed and just hoped his problem would go away. Of course it didn't and it wouldn't. When Rick W came to us, it took some time to get him to admit he really had a problem. Once we got him to face the facts, his recovery was relatively simple. 80% of the cases we see require simple treatments (medication, training programs, and one-on-one therapy sessions) and Rick W's case was no different. Thankfully, his treatment stuck, and he's living the life of a normal citizen of Gameland with no lingering ADAD effects.


Jen I.

Name: Jen I.
Age: 28
Location: New Galaxian City
Occupation: Police Sniper
Patient Statement: "I shoot stuff for a living. It's a great job. But what's not great when you look through the scope one day and can't tell if your target is real or just a picture on a wall. It scared the hell out of me. I got help."

Jenn I. represents about 20% of all the cases we see. She suffered from what we call Adult Onset 3rd Dimensia. It's a type of 3rd Dimensia that lays dormant for most of a person's life and then pops up sometime during adulthood - often at very inappropriate times. Jenn I. had seen our ad and was able to read the signs. She came to us as a well-researched patient with a good attitude, and left us a month later with a clean bill of health. She says she owes it all to seeing our ad on TV. In reality Jen I owes her success to herself.


Peter P.

Name: Peter P.
Age: 23
Location: South Raster City
Occupation: Chef
Patient Statement: "I was attending a Restaurant Conference a while back. I was at dinner with some colleagues and laughing about how often I get assaulted by giant pickles and eggs at work because I can’t always judge where the nearest ladder or the giant bit of lettuce is. They all looked at me like I was crazy. One of them took me aside afterwards and suggested I get myself tested."

Peter P is a self made man who runs a fairly well known restaurant. From time to time he would find himself at the clutches of the ornery, legged foods that plague his place of work. Peter’s obstacle on his road to recovery was not his 3rd Dimensia – it was his restaurant. In order for Peter to seek the treatment he needed, he had to come to the realization that he’d have to temporarily shut his business down for a little while. Thankfully, with a little help from his family and friends, Peter was able to leave his restaurant in good hands while he sought treatment. Two years later Peter is back at his restaurant and business is great. Sure hotdogs still chase him, but at least now he can escape!