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With bravery, hope, and a depth, ADAT patients have been able to break out of the second dimension and jump into the third. And now you don’t even go to institute to do it. Introducing Dr. DeMension’s four DVD set that will help you accept your 3rd Dimensia and become whole again. With the ADAT DVDs you’ll learn how to:

• Reach Out From Within
• Break the 2D Habit
• Protect Yourself Objects on Different Planes
• Start Your Live Anew
• Look Towards a Future of 3D

The Set of Four Includes:
Disk 1 – All About You – A 60 minute look at an average 3rd Dimensia sufferer, his life, how he lived with the disease, and how he conquered it with the help of ADAT.

Disk 2 – Find Your Inner Self – Before you heal, you have to know what the problem is – and where it lives. You can only do that buy exploring your inner self and learning what makes you great.

Disk 3 – Got 3rd Dimensia? – The Question everyone is afraid to ask themselves. We take away the stigma and the fear and put everything right out there in the open. It won’t be so scary after you watch this DVD.

Disk 4 – Make New Friends – Life after 3rd Dimensia can be an uphill climb. But you’ll have a new life and it’s yours and you can do anything you want with it. This DVD will help you learn how to make new friends, how to land that dream job, and how to be the person or other entity you always knew you could be.

The ADAT 4 DVD SET is, in every sense, the most important DVD set you will ever own. Buy it today!

Retail Price Cr. 200
ADAT Special Price Cr 120

That’s 40% off! You Save Cr 80!