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Message from the Director
Board of Directors
  About the Institute
In the summer of 1992, Dr Pernice DeMension rented out a two-room office in a small dental building across the street from the Cobra Command headquarters in Gameland City. His mission: to find and treat brave men and women who were suffering from the emotional and physical pain associated Additional Dimension Adjustment Disorder (ADAD) or 3rd Dimensia. Back then 3rd Dimensia had only just been discovered and not many physicians were recognizing the disease and even fewer were willing to treat it.

In only a year’s time, DeMension’s little Additional Dimension Adjustment Therapy operation had quadrupled in size and was taking patients from all over the world – and even some from out of this world! But his resolve never wavered and by 1997 he had opened an entire institute for this strange disorder that had been ruining people’s lives.

The future looks very bright for ADAT and Dr DeMension’s patients. With many new scientific discoveries being made every year, and breakthrough technologies changing the way we treat the illness, 3rd Dimensia might be a distant memory very soon.