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Helping people like you cope...
one dimension at a time.

Does the world seem less flat than before? Do you find yourself unable to move in multiple directions? Do you know what depth perception is? You may have ADAD, or Third Dimensia. And you are not alone.

Dimensional Success!

Peter P's case was quite severe. From disorientation and to mystery bruises, the signs were all there, but he didn't recognize them. Or maybe he didn't want to. Peter P was living in mild denial about his problem and it was taking a toll his life more and more each day. He needed help - and ADAT was there for him. Peter eventually got the treatment he needed and now he has a successful life in all three dimensions.



Try our at home kit, now just three easy installments of


Are you living with Third Dimensia?

Many people live life under the lock and key that is Third Dimensia without ever recognizing it. Take our simple test to find out if you are one of them:

Are you satisfied only moving left and right?

Do you settle for just jumping over objects and projectiles?

When asked to move "up stage" or "down stage", can you?

Do you risk your life to collect cherries and pretzels?

Do you ever weep because you only have two dimensions?

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